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SubjectRe: Please pull 'revert-libertas' branch of wireless-2.6
Dan Williams wrote:
> I'll audit the list of ioctls and remove ones that may be objectionable,
> and we'll go back through them after 2.6.22 and add back in ones that
> are actually required. Keep the API/ABI small and expand if necessary.
> What's the timeframe required here? Linville said a few days at the
> most.

Ideally, before 2.6.22-rc1. No set date, but generally it's a week or
two after merge window opens.

But even if you miss -rc1, we MUST get in the ioctl removal before
2.6.22 release. This is certainly exception to the "nothing but bug
fixes" rule -- or perhaps it is following the rule, if you consider the
ioctls' existence a bug :)

Getting the CodingStyle fixes in before 2.6.22-rc1 would be nice, but,
as I noted, lower priority than serious stuff like ioctl consideration.


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