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SubjectPlease revert 86c0baf123e474b6eb404798926ecf62b426bf3a
The change:

+#define __INIT .section ".text","ax"
+#define __INITDATA .section ".data","aw"
#define __INIT .section ".init.text","ax"
-#define __FINIT .previous
#define __INITDATA .section "","aw"
+#define __FINIT .previous

breaks ARM, since the ARM startup code moves from the start of the image
to somewhere in the middle of the kernel image. (That's trivially fixable.)

Besides that, this change is also wrong because not all assembly marked
__INIT needs to be moved into the standard .text segment when hotplug CPU
is enabled. Ditto for __INITDATA.

One is left wondering why the original patch proposers didn't:

1. Invent __CPUINIT and __CPUINITDATA, to be consistent with __init vs

2. copy other architecture maintainers.

Shall I invent __CPUINIT to mark data to always be thrown away, or are
the x86 folk going to withdraw this patch and do it properly?

Russell King
Linux kernel 2.6 ARM Linux -
maintainer of:
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