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SubjectRe: [linux-dvb] DST/BT878 module customization (.. was: Critical points about ...)
Michael Krufky wrote:
> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
>>> Hi Manu,
>>>> From my side, quite some time has been put forward to write that mail.
>>>> Inspite of that if you feel that you do have to go your own way, then
>>>> it is completely upto you. I would say: do as you feel in such a case.
>>> The point is that those issues are pending for a long time, and they
>>> should be solved, especially the module removal issue (*)
>>> If you are so afraid about applying those changes, maybe the better is
>>> to apply those patches at v4l-dvb tree and at -mm, asking people to
>>> test.
>>> We may hold their commit on kernel mainstream until the next kernel
>>> release, if nobody complains about, or otherwise revert the changes, if
>>> they proofed to cause troubles at dst and/or dvb-bt8xx.
>>> Also, you (or others) may write another approach keeping the fixes with
>>> an strategy more adequate for dst.
>>> Do you agree with this way?
>>> --
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mauro
>>> (*) Currently, dst can be removed only with "rmmod -f", due to a wrong
>>> usage count. With Trent's patches, this were fixed.
> Just to make things clear, Manu, Are you telling us that the patch in the above
> link addresses the use count bug?


> If that is the case, are you suggesting that that patch be applied to the
> repository instead of Trent's changesets?


> Moreso, if that is the case, then the patch in the above link lacks a
> sign-off... We need to apply SOMETHING to fix this problem, and you know the
> rules...

Signed-off-by: Manu Abraham <>

> What should be done to fix the use count bug?

It does fix, AFAIR

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