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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] VM: per-user overcommit policy
> - allow uid=1001 and uid=1002 (common users) to allocate memory only if the
> total committed space is below the 50% of the physical RAM + the size of
> swap:
> root@host # echo 1001:2:50 > /proc/overcommit_uid
> root@host # echo 1002:2:50 > /proc/overcommit_uid

There are some fundamental problems with this model - the moment you mix
strict overcommit with anything else it ceases to be a strict overcommit
and you might as well use existing overcommit rules for most stuff

The other thing you are sort of faking is per user resource management -
which is a subset of per group of users resource management which is
useful - eg "students can't hog the machine"

I don't see that this is the right approach compared with the container
work and openvz work that is currently active and far more flexible.

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