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SubjectRe: [SOLVED] Serial buffer corruption [was Re: FTDI usb-serial possible bug]
Am Samstag, 5. Mai 2007 18:36 schrieb Alan Cox:
> > In the serial driver this usually just results in dropping
> > RTS to signal the remote end to stop sending. The serial
> > driver always immediately gives receive data to the tty buffering
> > without regard to the throttled state.
> >
> > I would argue that cdc-acm should do the same as the serial driver.
> This is a bug in cdc-acm really. It should not double buffer, but to be
> fair to the authors prior to the new tty buffering it *had* to do this.


should I understand this so that, if tty_buffer_request_room() returns
less than requested, the rest of the data should be dropped on the

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