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SubjectRe: cpufreq longhaul locks up
>> Btw. I've been writting many times: if You want to use ondemand with 
>> Longhaul You don't need cpufreq at all.
> Does VIA Nehemiah do hardware-driven autoregulation like Transmeta
> Crusoe too? (I suspect no, have not seen that happen.)
>> It is just one another cool gadget for You.
>> Longhaul wasn't designed to change frequency often.
> Is there a way I can start with a specific governor (powersave) right
> from the start so that all devices that Linux will initialize assume
> the CPU runs at <choose something> MHz?
You have to search cpufreq mail list archives. I think that I saw
patch recently.
>> It has big latency and requires so much preparation that it isn't worth
>> if You don't need to save power or cool down CPU.
> I found frequency switching on my VIA to be fast enough.
Timer frequency equal to 1000Hz?
> Jan

Wicie, rozumicie....
Zobacz >>>

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