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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACPI Debug - for test, devel and possibly even for production kernels
    On Thursday 31 May 2007 14:57, Pekka Enberg wrote:
    > On 5/31/07, Thomas Renninger <> wrote:
    > > (This should efficiently be the same as the proposed big patch a year
    > > ago from Pekka Enberg, just a bit smaller and should make ACPICA and
    > > kernel/linux people happy:
    > >
    > No, you're keeping these obfuscating macros around:
    > +#define return_VOID return
    > +#define return_ACPI_STATUS(s) return(s)
    > +#define return_VALUE(s) return(s)
    > +#define return_UINT8(s) return(s)
    > Making the ACPI code look like regular Linux kernel code (or even
    > regular C for that matter) was the whole point of my patch. Your patch
    > doesn't change that.

    I think that Thomas's point is that he is optimally removing
    function tracing via #ifdef.
    Your 600KB patch, on the other hand, permanently removed the feature
    and touched every file in ACPICA.

    The net effect to the user is the same, the ability to enable
    ACPI_DEBUG and not enable ACPICA function tracing.

    As I probably wrote a year ago, it isn't viable to completely
    remove the tracing code --
    until Linux reaches a point where vendors certify that their
    BIOS is compatible with Linux before they ship, rather than the Linux
    community having to debug some Windows-compatible systems into
    Linux-compatibility well after they have shipped into the field.

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