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SubjectRe: Syslets, Threadlets, generic AIO support, v6
On Wed, 30 May 2007, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > And then the semantics: do these descriptors should show up in
> > /proc/self/fd? Are there separate directories for each namespace? Do
> > they count against the rlimit?
> Oh, absolutely. The'd be real fd's in every way. People could use them
> 100% equivalently (and concurrently) with the traditional ones. The whole,
> and the _only_ point, would be that it breaks the legacy guarantees of a
> dense fd space.
> Most apps don't actually *need* that dense fd space in any case. But by
> defaulting to it, we wouldn't break those (few) apps that actually depend
> on it.

I agree. What would be a good interface to allocate fds in such area? We
don't want to replicate syscalls, so maybe a special new dup function?

- Davide

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