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    SubjectRe: Syslets, Threadlets, generic AIO support, v6
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    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > for (i = 0; i < NR_OPEN; i++)
    > close(i);
    > to clean up all file descriptors before doing something new. And yes, I
    > think it was bash that used to *literally* do something like that a long
    > time ago.

    Indeed. It was not only bash, though, I fixed probably a dozen
    applications. But even the new and better solution (readdir of
    /proc/self/fd) does not prevent the problem of closing descriptors the
    system might still need and the application doesn't know about.

    > Which *could* be something as simple as saying "bit 30 in the file
    > descriptor specifies a separate fd space" along with some flags to make
    > open and friends return those separate fd's.

    I don't like special cases. For me things better come in quantities 0,
    1, and unlimited (well, reasonable high limit). Otherwise, who gets to
    use that special namespace? The C library is not the only body of code
    which would want to use descriptors.

    And then the semantics: do these descriptors should show up in
    /proc/self/fd? Are there separate directories for each namespace? Do
    they count against the rlimit?

    This seems to me like a shot from the hips without thinking about other

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