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SubjectRe: How to access correctly serial port inside module?
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Tilman Schmidt schrieb:
> Am 24.05.2007 21:15 schrieb Lars K.W. Gohlke:
>> Jan Engelhardt schrieb:
> [code proposal]
>>> [I've warned about it... ;-) ]
>> is it the way to access from kernelspace the userspace fs?
>> the not-correct-way?
> Yes, indeed.
>> If it is so, I will wait for another solution ;)
> I'm not sure waiting will help. The roasted pigeons will not come
> flying into your mouth.
> The possible solutions have been sketched out for you:
> a) open the device file from the kernel (described by Jan):
> actively discouraged by the FAQ document,
> and probably won't even work IMHO
> b) program the serial port directly (described by Jan):
> will work only with one type of hardware and you'll have to
> disable the regular serial driver first; frowned upon by kernel
> gurus as "reinventing the wheel"
> c) abuse the line discipline interface (described by me):
> moderately well documented, and there's precedent for using it
> that way in the well-accepted PPP module as well as my humble
> contribution, the ser_gigaset driver; requires a userspace
> daemon for pushing the line discipline module on the serial
> port and keeping it there
> d) use the serio interface (described by Ying Huang):
> potentially cleaner conceptually and seems to work without a
> userspace daemon, but apparently not documented anywhere
> except in the source files drivers/input/serio/serport.c
> and linux/drivers/input/mouse/sermouse.c
> Now it's your turn to decide.
> T.

When I'm chosing option d) can smb. help me step by step? There are so
many pieces of code I don't understand.

Ok, let's begin:

my kernel source base is : ubuntu-lts 6.06 and 2.6.15-7;a=tree;f=drivers/input/serio;

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