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SubjectRe: [linux-dvb] DST/BT878 module customization (.. was: Critical points about ...)
On 5/3/07, VDR User <> wrote:
> STOP FIGHTING ALL THE DAMN TIME! From an outsiders perspective there
> is a lot of unnecessary & childish behavior going on at the expense of
> good ideas and coding. It seems as though the Markus/Mauro team will
> go against anything Manu says simply because Manu is the one saying
> it.
> From what I've seen he is very knowledgeable and a good coder.

From his technical knowledge he's as ok as many other developers are
who have been involved for several years now.

He tries to become the DVB Maintainer, from my side I wrote he first
has to prove it for at least a half year that he supports the project
and helps out people. Till now I haven't seen any response to the
technical questions I had.

And telling that the politicians here are so bad to everyone who'd
like to help finding a solution for it is definitelly the wrong way
either, so other people will not even be able to get an insight into
the whole story.

> Manu is an asset and all the personal bickering and immature attitudes
> being displayed do not benefit any projects in any way. If you can't
> get past your personal problems then step down until you can learn to
> be unbiased and start treating these projects with some sanity/common
> sense.
> When you drive good people away, guess who loses? EVERYONE.
> Grow up and quit letting your personal feelings interfere in places it should
> not be in the first place!!

Since all these issues have been there for more than one year now it
either would be better that he leaves the project OR starts to
seriously discuss the issues and how it would be best to solve them
(and in a way where everyone agrees here)
He just nacks the changes proposed by Uwe which got implemented by
Trent and now Mauro wants to get it done somehow, either in a way
explaining what he wants to do with it in future or changing these few
lines NOW.
I couldn't care less what will happen with his driver, the whole story
gets blown up just because one party here doesn't understand that the
other one doesn't know what he wants to do (and if he seriously will
do something)

> I apologize for going off-topic but this is relevant to dvb dev as a
> whole. Things have degraded to a ridiculous state and it's time to
> knock it off. Enough is enough. The dvb projects should NOT have to
> suffer simply because people have lost the decency to act civil
> towards one another!
> Lastly, the opinions I'm sharing in this post are held by many others,
> although they hesitate to do the same publicly for certain reasons.

I fully agree with that.

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