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    Subject[PATCH 0/7] [RFC] Memory Compaction v1
    This is a prototype for compacting memory to reduce external fragmentation
    so that free memory exists as fewer, but larger contiguous blocks. Rather
    than being a full defragmentation solution, this focuses exclusively on
    pages that are movable via the page migration mechanism.

    The compaction mechanism operates within a zone and moves movable pages
    towards the end of. Grouping pages by mobility already biases the location
    of unmovable pages is biased towards the lower addresses, so these strategies
    work in conjunction.

    A single compaction run involves two scanners operating within a zone - a
    migration and a free scanner. The migration scanner starts at the beginning
    of a zone and finds all movable pages within one pageblock_nr_pages-sized
    area and isolates them on a migratepages list. The free scanner begins at
    the end of the zone and searches on a per-area basis for enough free pages to
    migrate all the pages on the migratepages list. As each area is respecively
    migrated or exhaused of free pages, the scanners are advanced one area.
    A compaction run completes within a zone when the two scanners meet.

    This is what /proc/buddyinfo looks like before and after a compaction run.

    mel@arnold:~/results$ cat before-buddyinfo.txt
    Node 0, zone DMA 150 33 6 4 2 1 1 1 1 0 0
    Node 0, zone Normal 7901 3005 2205 1511 758 245 34 3 0 1 0

    mel@arnold:~/results$ cat after-buddyinfo.txt
    Node 0, zone DMA 150 33 6 4 2 1 1 1 1 0 0
    Node 0, zone Normal 1900 1187 609 325 228 178 110 32 6 4 24

    In this patchset, memory is never compacted automatically and is only triggered
    by writing a node number to /proc/sys/vm/compact_node. This version of the
    patchset is mainly concerned with getting the compaction mechanism correct.

    The first patch is a roll-up patch of changes to grouping pages by mobility
    posted to the linux-mm list but not merged into -mm yet. The second patch
    is from the memory hot-remove patchset which memory compaction can use.

    The two patches after that are changes to page migration. The third patch
    allows CONFIG_MIGRATION to be set without CONFIG_NUMA. The fourth patch
    allows LRU pages to be isolated in batch instead of acquiring and releasing
    the LRU lock a lot.

    The fifth patch exports some metrics on external fragmentation which are
    relevant to memory compaction. The sixth patch is what implements memory
    compaction for a single zone. The final patch enables a node to be compacted
    explicitly by writing to a special file in /proc.

    This patchset has been tested based on 2.6.22-rc2-mm1 with the following;

    o x86 with one CPU, 512MB RAM, FLATMEM
    o x86 with four CPUs, 2GB RAM, FLATMEM
    o x86_64 with four CPUs, 1GB of RAM, FLATMEM
    o x86_64 with four CPUs, 8GB of RAM, DISCONTIG NUMA with 4 nodes
    o ppc64 with two CPUs, 2GB of RAM, SPARSEMEM
    o IA64 with four CPUs, 1GB of RAM, FLATMEM + VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP

    The x86 with one CPU is the only machine that has been tested under
    stress. The others was a minimal boot-test followed by compaction under
    no load.

    This patchset is incomplete. Here some outstanding items on a TODO list in
    no particular order.

    o Have pageblock_suitable_migration() check the number of free pages properly
    o Do not call lru_add_drain_all() on every update
    o Add trigger to directly compact before reclaiming for high orders
    o Make the fragmentation statistics independent of CONFIG_MIGRATION
    o Obey watermarks in split_pagebuddy_page
    o Handle free pages intelligently when they are larger than pageblock_order
    o Implement compaction_debug boot-time option like slub_debug
    o Implement compaction_disable boot-time option just in case
    o Investigate using debugfs as the manual compaction trigger instead of proc
    o Deal with MIGRATE_RESERVE during compaction properly
    o Build test to verify correctness and behaviour under load

    Any comments on this first version are welcome.

    Mel Gorman
    Part-time Phd Student Linux Technology Center
    University of Limerick IBM Dublin Software Lab
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