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    SubjectRe: [NFS] [PATCH] NFSD: fix uninitialized variable
    J. Bruce Fields wrote:
    > On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 06:34:42AM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    >> Unlike many of the bogus warnings spewed by gcc, this one actually
    >> complains about a real bug:
    > No, the calls to posix_acl_valid() in nfs4_acl_posix_to_nfsv4() ensure
    > that the passed-in acl has ACL_USER_OBJ, ACL_GROUP_OBJ, and ACL_OTHER
    > entries, and hence that these fields will always be initialized.


    > But I don't want anyone else wasting their time on this. Should we cave
    > in and add the initialization here just to shut up gcc? Or would a
    > comment here help?

    Given what you said above, I don't see gcc, on its best day, will ever
    know enough to validate that that variable is indeed always initialized.
    So I would vote for silencing it on those grounds.


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