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    SubjectRe: Linux v2.6.22-rc3
    2007/5/27, Linus Torvalds <>:
    > But if it doesn't help for you, you have some other issue (which is not
    > surprising - yours wasn't a SETFXSR error, and I don't think it would have
    > worked very well before either).
    > So since it apparently _did_ work for you before, can you bisect it?

    git bisect told me that this is the first bad commit:
    commit d4b2bab4f26345ea1803feb23ea92fbe3f6b77bc
    Author: Tejun Heo <>
    Date: Fri Feb 2 16:50:52 2007 +0900

    libata: add deadline support to prereset and reset methods

    I suspected my unstable timing source and booted with acpi=off. Now
    the printk timestamps are in sequence but the bug is still there.

    The drive worked flawlessly with the old ide-cd. So what's the
    difference between libata and ide-cd?

    Is there a kernel parameter to completely disable probing the cdrom?

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