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SubjectRe: - 97% wait time on IDE operations
Hi, Alan!

Alan Cox schrieb:
>> yeah, and they say unix FSes don't need defragmentation.... my bottom...
> Provided they don't get within about 5-10% of full a lot of the time Unix
> file systems generally don't - especially with preallocators. Reiser3 is
> not a traditional unix file system, its very different to almost any
> other fs, and it does need defragmenting.

Just FYI:
defragmentation seems to be a minor issue.

After reiser3 (kernel or so) crashed(*) badly with
some data loss on a production server can you recommed
a _safe_ and good performing filesystem for an
compile and test server (lots of small files).

(*) rm ~/Maildir while it was fed with courier-imap and
pressed CTRL-C to interrupt that trashed some of the files in
~/Maildir. It needed a --rebuild-tree.

Best greets,

Clemens Koller
R&D Imaging Devices
Anagramm GmbH
Rupert-Mayer-Str. 45/1
81379 Muenchen
Phone: +49-89-741518-50
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