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SubjectRe: [RFC 2/5] inode reservation v0.1 (ext4 kernel patch)

On May 25 2007 09:30, WANG Cong wrote:
>>>Yes, I found all TABs gone when I received the mail. When I post next
>>>version of the patch, I will test to send to me first :-)
>>>Thanks for your information.
>>Blame Gmail.
>I am using gmail too. That's not gmail's fault,

Then it is one of these:
- gmail's default settings for web input sucks or

- the web browser reformats it
(not so much - suffers from something similar, but *not the
same*; in that it translates all tabs into spaces, but at least it keeps
the width.) or

- you are using your own client, and directly SMTPing gmail servers,
in which case unwanted reformatting by broken MTAs can be bypassed.

>I think your email client sucks.
>So which email client are you using, coly? I recommend mutt to you. ;)

X-Mailer: Evolution 2.6.0

Hm, this looks like another of these "Thunderbird" cases. (Means,
Thunderbird users also get their patches wrapped and twangled unless
they set some option that is not on by default.)

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