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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Display Intel Dynamic Acceleration feature in /proc/cpuinfo
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > I'm not sure I can be bothered repairing all that at present. I think I'll
    > go and hide until it becomes somebody else's problem.

    I'll fix it.

    > <looks at hpa's tree>
    > @@ -23,13 +23,14 @@ static int show_cpuinfo(struct seq_file
    > "fpu", "vme", "de", "pse", "tsc", "msr", "pae", "mce",
    > "cx8", "apic", NULL, "sep", "mtrr", "pge", "mca", "cmov",
    > "pat", "pse36", "pn", "clflush", NULL, "dts", "acpi", "mmx",
    > - "fxsr", "sse", "sse2", "ss", "ht", "tm", "ia64", "pbe",
    > + "fxsr", "sse", "sse2", "ss", "ht", "tm", "ia64", NULL,
    > <wonders where pbe went to>

    pbe collides with abuse by at least two vendors (AMD and
    Cyrix/Centaur/VIA) of this bit for 3DNow. I don't know if that applies
    only to the chips that don't support extended CPUID levels, but I'm
    fairly sure that we don't handle that correctly in the vendor-specific

    I guess for now we can just unconditionally disable that bit in those
    vendor routines, with a note saying that if there are such chips
    supporting PBE then more sophisticated logic needs to be implemented.

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