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SubjectRe: [RFC] [-mm] Remove 'unsafe' LZO decompressor
On 24 May 2007, at 19:50, Andrew Morton wrote:

> On Thu, 24 May 2007 18:15:17 +0100
> Michael-Luke Jones <> wrote:
>> Attached is a patch which may be desirable for -mm. It applies
>> directly to 2.6.22-rc2-mm1.
>> The patch removes the 'unsafe' LZO decompression function, lowering
>> the size of the minilzo.c file by nearly 500 out of an original 1727
>> lines. It also removes references to the 'unsafe' decompression
>> function in the public LZO header and the EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL
>> declaration.
>> This is intended to provoke some discussion over whether a
>> decompression function able to scribble on arbitrary memory is
>> desirable in the mainline kernel, whatever the performance increases.
>> Over and above the security/stability implications of using this
>> code, it can also be argued to represent an unnecessary duplication
>> of the vast majority of LZO decompression code. This is due to the
>> lack of likely in-kernel uses of the 'unsafe' function.
>> Only a single user for this 'unsafe' code has been suggested, the
>> 'Compressed Caching' project. This code is highly unlikely to move
>> into mainline in the same timeframe as the LZO code. All of the other
>> suggested uses require decompression of untrusted data, such that the
>> 'safe' function should be used.
>> Comments / disagreement all welcome :)
> This is obviously a highly desirable thing to do for a number of
> reasons.
> But have we quantified the performance difference?

The author of LZO may be able to help us out here, so he's CCed as of
this mail.


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