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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] file as directory
> > So your question is, which mount takes priority on the lookup?  It
> > probably should be the propagated real mount, rather than the
> > dir-on-file one, shouldn't it?
> >
> Maybe this might belong into __link_path_walk() similar to the
> handling of symbolic links. If the real mount has always higher
> priority why do we bother in follow_mount() about it.

Do you mean, that follow_mount() should never descend into the
dir-on-file mount but that should always be done by

This could make sense.

__lookup_mnt() currently returns the first matching mount in the hash
list. With your suggestion, we'd need two __lookup_mnt() variants (or
a parameter). One, that only matches normal mounts, and one that only
matches dir-on-file mounts. Is that it?

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