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    SubjectRe: fails to suspend/resume to disk (sort of)

    On Wednesday, 23 May 2007 09:25, Romano Giannetti wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am trying to upgrade from my ubuntu kernel to and I
    > have quite a bunch of problems with suspend/resume, both to disk and to
    > ram. I have reported the s2ram problem in a separate message (search for
    > a follow-up to the thread with subject "[patch 00/69] -stable review".

    Please see
    That seems to resemble the symptoms you describe.

    > Now for the suspend to disk. With default setting (/sys/power/disk ==
    > platform) my laptop (vaio PGC-FX701) fails to poweroff; it stays with
    > backlight on, a white screen, and if I power it off manually afterward
    > it did not resume.
    > By doing echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk the laptop *do* power off (it's
    > very slow, but I think that's related with the 60 secs delay commented
    > in the other post). Then it resume --- text console did resume ok ---
    > but the virtual console with X do not come back. I had to do a
    > ctrl-alt-backspace thing.
    > Any hints? More data?

    Could you please test the 2.6.22-rc2 kernel? Also, if it still doesn't work
    properly, could you apply the hibernation/suspend patchset available from
    on top of it and see if that helps?

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