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Subject[GIT PULL -mm] Unionfs cleanups and fixes
The following patches consist of mostly cleanups of the Unionfs code, as
well as fixes for several harder to hit bugs (resource/memory leaks).

As before, there is a git repo at:



There are 21 new commits:

Unionfs: Correctly decrement refcounts of mnt's upon branch management
Unionfs: Removed a trailing whitespace
Unionfs: Actually catch bad use of unionfs_mnt{get,put}
Unionfs: Remove defunct unionfs_put_inode super op
Unionfs: Documentation update regarding overlapping branches and new lookup code
Unionfs: Disallow setting leftmost branch to readonly
Unionfs: Use krealloc instead of open-coding the functionality
Unionfs: Call realloc unconditionally
Unionfs: Don't leak resources when copyup fails partially
Unionfs: Prefix external functions with 'extern' properly
Unionfs: Combine unionfs_write with __unionfs_write.
Unionfs: Move unionfs_query_file to commonfops.c
Unionfs: Rename our "do_rename" to __unionfs_rename
Unionfs: Rename Unionfs's double_lock_dentry to avoid confusion
Unionfs: Consistent pointer declaration spacing
Unionfs: Added numerous comments
Unionfs: Cleanup of strings and comments
Unionfs: Add missing copyright notices
Unionfs: Every printk should prefix with "unionfs: " consistently
Unionfs: Coding style fixes
Unionfs: Tiny documentation fixups


Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <>

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