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SubjectRe: bad networking related lag in v2.6.22-rc2

* Anant Nitya <> wrote:

> Please ignore my last report about lag problem while using CFS-v13, it
> is working perfectly fine with and the lag I used to see in
> v12 is not there with v13 anymore. After digging in a bit I found that
> problem is only occurring in 2.6.22-rc1 and it get fired by network
> usage while transmitting data upstream. I don't have any evidence that
> CFS is involved in lag problem since 2.6.22-rc1 with stock scheduler
> is also having same lag problem and it seems directly proportional
> with upstream speed while downstream doesn't shows any misbehavior {
> at lower upstream speed lag is less but with higher upstream speed
> system starts crawling and system load hitting to 70/75}. Lets see how
> 2.6.22-rc2 is doing.

ok, i got your -rc2 debug numbers (off-list), and it doesnt look pretty:


sleep_max : 259502076
block_max : 27690921
wait_max : 16381558


sleep_max : 584186160
block_max : 261780071
wait_max : 881255577

ouch! a nearly 1 second delay got observed by the scheduler - something
is really killing your system!

what does 'top' show during an upload? Is any system related task out of
whack? Could you try to get a readprofile or an oprofile output from the
kernel, so that we can see what is slowing it down so much? It could be
something networking related in v2.6.22-rc2.

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