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    SubjectRe: bug in 2.6.22-rc2: loop mount limited to one single iso image
    On 5/21/07, Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
    > Yes. Can somebody who actually _uses_ loop send a tested patch, please?
    > We're not going to break existing user space over something idiotic like
    > this. Not acceptable.
    > The alternative is to just revert all the loop.c patches. Which I'll do
    > unless somebody sends me a tested fix - because as a non-loop user myself,
    > I don't have much choice. I assume it is
    > commit 73285082 "remove artificial software max_loop limit"
    > that introduced the new behaviour. Ken?

    yes and no. in that commit, I automatically create n+1 device when
    loop device n is created, allergically was tested to be fine with
    casual usage of "losetup" and "mount -o loop". However, there is a
    bug in that commit when loop.c was compiled as a module. And when Al
    fixed it, he also removed that magic "n+1" trick.

    Nevertheless, yes, I'm guilty of introducing the new behavior.
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