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    SubjectRe: RFC: kconfig select warnings bogus?
    On 5/20/07, Stefan Richter <> wrote:
    > Satyam Sharma wrote:
    > > On 5/20/07, Stefan Richter <> wrote:
    > >> However you fix it --- don't remove "depends on" or "select". You can
    > >> interchange them, but not remove them, unless there wasn't a dependency
    > >> to begin with.
    > >
    > > They _can_ be removed, with absolutely no build failures at all, because
    > > of the "default y if ..." on the dependency that is defined in some
    > > arch/.../Kconfig.
    > You are right, they can be removed, and the Kconfig files can be turned
    > into an unmaintainable mess.
    > A requires B
    > Maintainable.
    > B serves A
    > Logically equivalent, yet unmaintainable.

    Well, whether it is readable / maintainable is subjective and hence
    debatable. I was only answering your *completely misplaced and
    incorrect* original comment against the patch where you claimed
    that the patch was "totally wrong" because of the way it removed
    the "select" ... etc ...

    And remember, like I said already, the whole _idea_ is such arch-
    specific helper code be not mentioned from arch-agnostic Kconfig
    files. You may not like it, but this is the standard / most common way
    such cases are handled for tons of other cases in arch/.... Which
    is why Adrian's way of solving this (shifting all such arch-specific
    helper symbols also to drivers/... and then using depends on select
    on it) is not viable.
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