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SubjectRe: bug in 2.6.22-rc2: loop mount limited to one single iso image
On 5/19/07, Al Viro <> wrote:
> On Sat, May 19, 2007 at 11:16:59PM -0700, Ray Lee wrote:
> > Ken? Ball's in your court. As the patch isn't providing a killer
> > feature for 2.6.22, I'd suggest just reverting it for now until the
> > issues are ironed out.
> Hold it. The real question here is which logics do we want there.
> IOW, and how many device nodes do we want to appear and _when_ do
> we want them to appear?

The when part is what looks to make it racy. I'm guessing that we're
relying on udev to create those loop nodes. If so, I think any scheme
that creates more on demand would give transient mount errors while
it's waiting on udev to create more nodes.

Perhaps if we were to start with 8 loop nodes at init (as we have in
2.6.21), and then always maintain a margin of 8 (or 4, or...) when
they start being used or detached?
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