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Subject[PATCH 00/16] raid acceleration and asynchronous offload api for 2.6.22
I am pleased to release this latest spin of the raid acceleration
patches for merge consideration. This release aims to address all
pending review items including MD bug fixes and async_tx api changes
from Neil, and concerns on channel management from Chris and others.

Data integrity tests using home grown scripts and 'iozone -V' are
passing. I am open to suggestions for additional testing criteria. I
have also verified that git bisect is not broken by this set.

The short log below highlights the most recent changes. The patches
will be sent as a reply to this message, and they are also available via

git pull git:// md-accel-linus

Additional comments and feedback welcome.


01/16: dmaengine: add base support for the async_tx api
* convert channel capabilities to a 'cpumask_t like' bitmap
02/16: dmaengine: move channel management to the client
* this patch is new to this series
03/16: ARM: Add drivers/dma to arch/arm/Kconfig
04/16: dmaengine: add the async_tx api
* remove the per operation type list, and distribute operation
capabilities evenly amongst the available channels
* simplify async_tx_find_channel to optimize the fast path
05/16: md: add raid5_run_ops and support routines
* explicitly handle the 2-disk raid5 case (xor becomes memcpy)
* fix race between async engines and bi_end_io call for reads,
Neil Brown
* remove unnecessary spin_lock from ops_complete_biofill
* remove test_and_set/test_and_clear BUG_ONs, Neil Brown
* remove explicit interrupt handling, Neil Brown
06/16: md: use raid5_run_ops for stripe cache operations
07/16: md: move write operations to raid5_run_ops
* remove test_and_set/test_and_clear BUG_ONs, Neil Brown
08/16: md: move raid5 compute block operations to raid5_run_ops
* remove the req_compute BUG_ON
09/16: md: move raid5 parity checks to raid5_run_ops
* remove test_and_set/test_and_clear BUG_ONs, Neil Brown
10/16: md: satisfy raid5 read requests via raid5_run_ops
* cleanup to_read and to_fill accounting
* do not fail reads that have reached the cache
11/16: md: use async_tx and raid5_run_ops for raid5 expansion operations
12/16: md: move raid5 io requests to raid5_run_ops
13/16: md: remove raid5 compute_block and compute_parity5
14/16: dmaengine: driver for the iop32x, iop33x, and iop13xx raid engines
* fix locking bug in iop_adma_alloc_chan_resources, Benjamin
* convert capabilities over to dma_cap_mask_t
15/16: iop13xx: Surface the iop13xx adma units to the iop-adma driver
16/16: iop3xx: Surface the iop3xx DMA and AAU units to the iop-adma driver

(previous release:
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