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SubjectRe: checkpatch, a patch checking script.
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, Dave Jones wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 08:02:07PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > > Yep, I was going to mention your scripts but you beat me to it.
> > >
> > > I'll be glad to help maintain such animals if wanted.
> > >
> > wanted ;)
> >
> > At least, it would be interesting to investigate the usefulness. I suspect
> > it will prove to be very useful for the little things.
> Randy and I got together and hashed out a first cut at this.
> (Randy actually gutted quite a lot of what I originally wrote, so deserves
> much kudos for improving this beyond my initial crappy version).
> You can find the script at
> There's also a git clonable tree there (only http right now).
> shows
> what fell out of running it on my mbox of lkml from the past month.
> Some of them are kinda noisy, and perhaps should be moved under --pedantic
> I'm all ears for additional regexps, bug reports or other suggestions.


Here are a few more:
- Check for all of (u)int{8,16,32,64}_t
- Check for GNU extension __FUNCTION__
- Don't use space before tab
- Don't use trailing white space

Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <>

diff --git a/ b/
index cbda29a..b44a3f3 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -143,10 +143,26 @@ sub process {
"Bad variable name: tmp. Please use something more descriptive.\n");
$warnings += search(qr/temp(,|;)/,
"Bad variable name: temp. Please use something more descriptive.\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/uint8_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u8/u8\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/uint16_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u16/u16\n");
$warnings += search(qr/uint32_t/,
- "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u32 etc.\n");
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u32/u32\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/uint64_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __u64/u64\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/int8_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __s8/s8\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/int16_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __s16/s16\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/int32_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __s32/s32\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/int64_t/,
+ "Incorrect type usage for kernel code. Use __s64/s64\n");
$warnings += search(qr/\b(BUG|BUG_ON)\b/,
"Try to use WARN_ON & Recovery code rather than BUG() or BUG_ON()\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/__FUNCION__/,
+ "Should use C99 __func__ instead of GNU __FUNCTION__\n");

# coding style:
@@ -154,6 +170,8 @@ sub process {
$warnings += search(qr/,[^[:space:]]/, "Need space after comma:\n");
$warnings += search(qr/\([[:space:]]/, "Don't use space after '(':\n");
$warnings += search(qr/[[:space:]]\)/, "Don't use space before ')':\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/ \t/, "Don't use space before tab:\n");
+ $warnings += search(qr/[[:space:]]$/, "Don't use trailing white space:\n");
$warnings += search(qr/if\(|for\(|while\(|switch\(/,
"Need space after if/for/while/switch:\n");
$warnings += search(qr/sizeof[[:space:]]/,

Geert Uytterhoeven -- Sony Network and Software Technology Center Europe (NSCE) ------- The Corporate Village, Da Vincilaan 7-D1
Voice +32-2-7008453 Fax +32-2-7008622 ---------------- B-1935 Zaventem, Belgium
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