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SubjectRe: ht CPU flag
Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> In article <> you wrote:
>> I have Pentium D CPU, which many Windows utilities like cpuz, wcpuid,
>> everest identify as D 930 (Dual Core, 3GHz). From Intel site I find out
>> that it has no HT feature, nor Windows XP identify it as HT.
> the ht flag reported by the CPU and cpuinfo is not a reliable detection if
> HT is available on your CPU or your motherboard/bios.
>> Why do I have "ht" flag in cpuinfo?
> Because your CPU reports it. You will see that also in cpuz output.
> However, you can see ht in the sibblings value (for a single core it will be
> 2 if you have HT, I am not sure if it is 4 for a dual core CPU)

IIRC, the HT flag is also reported for multicore CPUs.

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