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SubjectRe: Fork Bombing Attack
On 5/18/07, Anand Jahagirdar <> wrote:
> Hello All
> I tried to execute a program which creates 8152 process.(
> i=0; while( i<14) i++ fork(); ) with ulimit 8200. This program
> created 8152 processes and then stopped and came back to command
> prompt. this proves that my machine do have sufficient resources to
> create 8000 processes.
> I found one more interesting thing on the same machine
> having FC6 distribution and Linux Kernel 2.6.18. i have set "ulimit -u
> 100". after setting this limit i tried to execute fork bombing program
> with guest account. after executing it
> expected result:- guest uesr should not able to fork another single
> process when it reaches to 100 processes count.
> actual result :- kernel allow me to create another processes without
> giving error. due to this i tried to execute same fork bombing program
> on another terminal with guest account and this fork bombing attack
> killed the box completely and machine needed reboot.

I think if you want resource limiting per _UID_ (and not per _process_
as you did), you should use PAM module You can edit
those limits using the file /etc/security/limits.conf

Ahmed S. Darwish
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