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    SubjectRE: Software raid0 will crash the file-system, when each disk is 5TB
    On Thursday May 17, wrote:
    > I tried the patch, same problem show up, but no bug_on report
    > Is there any other things I can do?

    What is the nature of the corruption? Is it data in a file that is
    wrong when you read it back, or does the filesystem metadata get

    Can you try the configuration that works, and sha1sum the files after
    you have written them to make sure that they really are correct?
    My thought here is "maybe there is a bad block on one device, and the
    block is used for data in the 'working' config, and for metadata in
    the 'broken' config.

    Can you try a degraded raid10 configuration. e.g.

    mdadm -C /dev/md1 --level=10 --raid-disks=4 /dev/first missing \
    /dev/second missing

    That will lay out the data in exactly the same place as with raid0,
    but will use totally different code paths to access it. If you still
    get a problem, then it isn't in the raid0 code.

    Maybe try version 1 metadata (mdadm --metadata=1). I doubt that would
    make a difference, but as I am grasping at straws already, it may be a
    straw woth trying.

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