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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] LogFS take three

    > >Yes. These things are almost always implemented _very_
    > >badly by the same
    > >kind of crack-smoking hobo they drag in off the streets
    > >to write BIOSen.
    > >
    > >It's bog-roll technology; if you fancy a laugh try
    > >doing some real
    > >reliability tests on them time some. Powerfail testing
    > >is a good one.
    > >
    > >This kind of thing is OK for disposable storage such as
    > >in digital
    > >cameras, where it doesn't matter that it's no more
    > >reliable than a
    > >floppy disc, but for real long-term storage it's really
    > >a bad idea.
    > >
    > There are so many flash-based storage and some
    > disposable storages,
    > as you pointed out, have poor quality. I think it's
    > mainly because these
    > are not designed for good quality, but for lowering the
    > price.
    > These kind of devices are not ready for things like
    > power failure because
    > their use case is far from that. For example, removing
    > flash card
    > while taking pictures using digital camera is not a
    > common use case.
    > (there should be a written notice that this kind of
    > action is against
    > the warranty)

    Hmm.. so operating your camera on batteries should be against the
    warranty, since batteries commonly run empty while storing pictures?

    (cesky, pictures)
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