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    SubjectRe: Why can't we sleep in an ISR?
    Dong Feng wrote:
    > If what you say were true, then an ISR would be running in the same
    > context as the interrupted process.

    Yes, and it is, as others have said in this thread, which is a good
    reason why ISRs can't sleep.

    > But please check any article or
    > book, it will say ISR running in different context from any process.
    > So ISR is considered in its own context, although it shares a lot of
    > things with the interrupted process. I would only say *context* is a
    > higher-level logical concept.

    Depends on which book or article you are reading I suppose. The
    generally accepted and often used thought is that ISRs technically are
    running in the context of the interrupted process, but because that
    context is unknown and therefore should not be used, it is often said
    that they run in no context, or outside of any context. Sometimes
    people then assume that because they run outside of any ( particular )
    process context, they must be in their own context, but this is a mistake.

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