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SubjectRe: Asynchronous scsi scanning
On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 05:30:50PM +0100, Simon Arlott wrote:
> On 15/05/07 13:02, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> >It's easy to suggest a sysfs attribute. What you've failed to do is
> >suggest the pathname of the sysfs attribute, the contents of it, or the
> >semantics of it (read-only? read-write? write-only? blocking?)
> I would assume that should be up to SCSI users/maintainer(s). The only
> thing I use the SCSI driver for is usb-storage/ATAPI.

Then you're not so much "suggesting a sysfs attribute" as whining.

> >I'd *really* like to hear from distro people. What is the most
> >convenient way for you to implement "load all the scsi modules, then
> >wait until all devices are found"? James and I had thought that loading
> >a new module would be the easiest way for you, but it seems inconvenient
> >for you.
> It's inconvenient for people who *don't* use it to be unable to stop the
> module being built and installed.

Why? You're not forced to load the module. In what way does it
inconvenience you? Nobody's making you run 'make modules_install'.
I often forget to myself.
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