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Subjectselect(0, ..) is valid ?

Is select(0, ..) is a valid operation ?

I see that there is no check to prevent this or return
success early, without doing any work. Do we need one ?

slub code is complaining that we are doing kmalloc(0).


------------[ cut here ]------------
Badness at include/linux/slub_def.h:88
Call Trace:
[c0000001e4eb7640] [c00000000000e650] .show_stack+0x68/0x1b0
[c0000001e4eb76e0] [c00000000029b854] .report_bug+0x94/0xe8
[c0000001e4eb7770] [c0000000000219f0] .program_check_exception
[c0000001e4eb77f0] [c000000000004a84] program_check_common+0x104/0x180
--- Exception: 700 at .get_slab+0x4c/0x234
LR = .__kmalloc+0x24/0xc4
[c0000001e4eb7ae0] [c0000001e4eb7b80] 0xc0000001e4eb7b80 (unreliable)
[c0000001e4eb7b80] [c0000000000a7ff0] .__kmalloc+0x24/0xc4
[c0000001e4eb7c10] [c0000000000ea720] .compat_core_sys_select+0x90/0x240
[c0000001e4eb7d00] [c0000000000ec3a4] .compat_sys_select+0xb0/0x190
[c0000001e4eb7dc0] [c000000000014944] .ppc32_select+0x14/0x28
[c0000001e4eb7e30] [c00000000000872c] syscall_exit+0x0/0x40

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