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    SubjectRe: Standalone swap prefetch patch for mainline
    Con Kolivas wrote:
    > I've had a few requests for a standalone patch implementing swap prefetch for
    > mainline.
    > Here is a patch that is a current rollup that should apply and work for
    > vanilla 2.6.21 (ie not a -ck kernel):

    Heh.. 20 mins after I finished scraping the relevant bits from -ck1 and patching my kernel this arrives!

    <WARNING - Fanboy rant ahead>

    I don't normally get/take the time to pass personal comment, but I have to say Con I've just taken a
    2.6.21 kernel, applied your 0.48 SD scheduler and swap-prefetch from -ck1 (needed to separate them
    out so I could also apply suspend2) and it's like I've bought a new machine.

    I'm running on a tiny Vaio with a 4800RPM 1.8" drive, so it's not fast by any stretch of the
    imagination. But the combination of SD and swap-prefetch has given it a new lease on life completely.

    Really, you have done a great job with SD. I was so impressed I built a new kernel for my Core Duo
    Mac Mini with the full 2.6.21-ck1 patchset. I wish I'd tried it years ago!

    This also prompted me to have a play with CFS, but for my desktop workload on either machine, SD
    just "felt" better (for whatever that may be worth).

    +1 for SD
    +1 for swap-prefetch

    "Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability
    to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable
    for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams
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