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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.22-rc1

On May 14 2007 19:32, Stefan Richter wrote:
>> As for NETDEV_1000 and _10000, I really wonder if we need anymore
>> help text than the option. I do not know what the minimum level
>> of user knowledge is that kconfig help texts need to support,
>> but maybe you can tell?
>The text "Ethernet (10000 Mbit)" _doesn't_ tell me that this option
>"does not affect the kernel build, it only lets [me] choose drivers".
>The "patches welcome" is quite appropriate. On the other hand, visible
>Kconfig options without help text should almost never be allowed to go
>in in the first place, IMO.

Well, it was a conversion from "menu" to "menuconfig". Since
menus cannot(?) have a kconfig text, I did not transform one.

For the "config" to "menuconfig" conversions, the help text
was preserved, since there was something to preserve.

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