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SubjectRe: 2.6.21-git10/11: files getting truncated on xfs? or maybe an nlink problem?
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> On May 12 2007 07:46, Matt Mackall wrote:
>>> You should not assume alphabetical order. Filesystems may be free to
>>> reorder things and return them (1) randomly like in a hash (2) by
>>> creation time during readdir().
>> There is no assumption. Mercurial explicitly visits files in
>> alphabetical order for the above commands.
> But who says that
> for i in {a..z}; do ## {..} is a bash3 extension
> touch $i;
> done;
> actually makes readdir() return them in the same order?

Nobody. But doing a readdir, sorting the results and visiting the files
in that order does mean you'll visit them in alphabetical order. Hence
"explicitly visits".

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