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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.22-rc1
    Hi David,

    On 5/14/07, David Miller <> wrote:
    > From: Tilman Schmidt <>
    > Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 20:19:09 +0200
    > > Would it be asking too much to have help texts on the following
    > > new (wrt 2.6.21) configuration options?
    > >
    > > ESP Scsi Driver Core (SCSI_ESP_CORE) [N/m] (NEW)
    > This one is a case where the option makes no sense by itself,
    > it provides the core common code for other front-end drivers.
    > The documentation exists in those front end drivers, which
    > in turn auto-matically select and enable this config option.
    > It would be nice if there was a Kconfig way to not provide
    > this thing at all unless one of the front-ends got selected

    Yeah, so the Kconfig-blessed way that you're looking for is:

    config SCSI_ESP_CORE
    depends on SCSI && SCSI_SPI_ATTRS
    default y if SCSI_SUNESP=y
    default m if SCSI_SUNESP=m

    Add other front-ends (other than SCSI_SUNESP) to the last
    two lines, as applicable.

    Important: And then *remove* the "select SCSI_ESP_CORE"
    from the Kconfig options of the front-ends themselves.

    [ You could do something similar with SCSI_SPI_ATTRS
    also, it looks like to be something that probably never makes
    sense alone either, and needs only to be automatically pulled
    in by other options (?) ]

    [ Note that "select"ing stuff that is not library-like and itself
    depends on other stuff is a Bad Thing. ]

    > but on the otherhand I like how anyone can select it and thus
    > test the build of it :-)

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