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SubjectRe: [PATCH] libata: add human-readable error value decoding
Tejun Heo wrote:
> Chuck Ebbert wrote:
>> Robert Hancock wrote:
>>>>> + ehc->i.serror & SERR_TRANS_ST_ERROR ? "TransStatTransErr "
>>>>> : "",
>>>>> + ehc->i.serror & SERR_UNRECOG_FIS ? "UnrecogFIS " : "",
>>>>> + ehc->i.serror & SERR_DEV_XCHG ? "DevExchanged " : "" );
>>>> I'm not really convinced whether this is necessary. The human readable
>>>> form is also a bit cryptic and can get quite long. So, mild NACK from
>>>> me.
>>> It certainly seems useful when debugging hotplug issues or random SATA
>>> problems which end up being caused by communication problems. Without
>>> this output, Joe User stands no chance of figuring out what's going on,
>>> and neither does Joe libata Developer unless they really care to dig
>>> through the spec and count bits to figure out what they mean. At least
>>> with this you can see that there was a CRC error, etc. and go from that..
>> Why not just document the error messages?
>> And the scsi ones too, I can't seem to find what the sense codes mean.
> They are well documented elsewhere - the standard documents. For sense
> codes, For SError bits, You can get drafts free of
> charge.

The ATA ones are more of a pain in that regard than SCSI though - SCSI
has all distinct error codes for different errors, whereas ATA has
bitmasks for everything..

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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