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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] kbuild: silence section mismatch warnings

    On May 11, 2007, at 4:08 PM, Sam Ravnborg wrote:

    > ----- Forwarded message from Sam Ravnborg <> -----
    > Forgot lkml in first mail...
    > Sam
    > Subject: [RFC PATCH] kbuild: silence section mismatch warnings
    > From: Sam Ravnborg <>
    > Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 23:03:46 +0200
    > User-Agent: Mutt/
    > To: Chris Wedgwood <>, Andrew Morton <>,
    > "David S. Miller" <>,
    > Russell King <>,
    > Satyam Sharma <>
    > Cc:
    > Following patch allow us in specific places to silence section
    > mismatch warnings.
    > There is a few legitime places that modpost does not yet recognize
    > where
    > reference from .text to .init.text (likewise for data) are legitime.
    > This allow us to spot the few places and annotate them so we do not
    > get false warnings that in the end will let real warnings pass.
    > The annotation is simple to grep for so revieing all uses in a few
    > months time are trivial. It is assumed that a few places will
    > use this to shut up the warning as replacement for the real fix.
    > But these cases are esay to spot and to fix up.

    Its unclear if you expect that some things will be tagged
    __init_refok/__initdata_refok forever or if we'll find some way to
    fix/change the code so the things tagged no longer need it.

    > With this and the following two patches I have a section mismatch free
    > build.
    > The plan is that a section mismatch soon will graduate from a
    > warning to an error.
    > This will hurt a few drives but then they have an incentive to fix
    > it up.
    > Comments welcome.

    - k
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