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SubjectRe: [Bugme-new] [Bug 8462] New: applications under wine freezes
On Wed, 9 May 2007, Andrew Morton wrote:

> On Wed, 9 May 2007 19:37:05 -0700 wrote:
> >

Is it possible to have more information? Like CPU, kernel 32/64, userspace
32/64 ...?
I've spotted something here:

+ smp_mb();
+ INIT_LIST_HEAD(&epi->rdllink);

The epoll callback uses list_empty() as test if to queue the item as ready,
and list_empty() checks ->next. INIT_LIST_HEAD() sets ->next before, then
->prev. Whoops :)
This should be:

epi->rdllink.prev = &epi->rdllink;
epi-> = &epi->rdllink;

Does the problem happens with some other publicly available software that
runs under wine, so that I can test it?

- Davide

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