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    SubjectRe: Why ask Sun for ZFS while we have ReiserFS4 !?
    On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 09:17:14PM +0800, Xu CanHao wrote:
    > Reiser4 may lack some core function, but ZFS on Solaris is as
    > functional as ext3 on Linux(or even more). So compare Reiser4 with
    > ZFS may be inappropriate.

    Functional, but it's a new filesystem with not as much time-tested
    experience in the field. Many Solaris system administrators are
    electing to wait rather than immediately press it into service for
    critical servers, electing to use Solaris's UFS instead. I've heard a
    few problems with ZFS recovering from data corruption, but not enough
    to know whether it is a general trend (not that I track that kind of
    stuff). As a rule, enterprise system administrators that run PO
    servers for thousands of users as a time are extremely conservative,
    and for good reason.

    Of course, there's a big difference between those folks and people
    using ZFS for their own personal development.

    - Ted
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