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    SubjectRe: nfsd/md patches Re: 2.6.22 -mm merge plans
    On Tuesday May 1, wrote:
    > apropos nfsd patches, what's the merge plans for my two export ops
    > patch series?

    Still sitting in my tree - I've had my mind on other things
    (nfs-utils, portmap....) and let them slip - sorry.

    I think also there was an unanswered question about the second series
    (there first I am completely happy with).

    > Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 13:34:53 +1000
    > My only question involves motivation.
    > You say "less complex", but to me it just looks "different" - though
    > being very familiar with the original, that might be a biased view.
    > Can you say more about how it is less complex?
    > Maybe the extension to generic 64bit support will make that clear...
    > But then generic 64bit support should just be an independent set of
    > helper functions that can be plugged in to the export_operations
    > structure.

    It think I programmed myself to use a reply to that to be my wake_up
    to forwarded them on, and forgot to register a timeout handler....

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