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SubjectRe: I give up
Gene Heskett wrote:
> For those of you with big tapes that can hold a complete dump of every
> partition (and partitions is the only way dump works in case some have
> forgotten), go ahead and use dump/restore. Tar quite simply, allows one
> to break his backup files down into small enough pieces that a tape drive
> that's only 20% of the system drives size is totally usable. I ran dds2
> tapes for a long time, and it wasn't at all unusual to have amanda fill
> those to the 95% or better mark every night for a week running, without
> ever hitting EOT.

Wow, people still use tapes for backup?

With current hard drive prices (200GB @ US$55, 500GB @ US$120) you can
just keep buying hard drives :)

Surely tape price/GB is higher than hard drive price/GB...


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