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SubjectRe: I give up
>>>>> "Gene" == Gene Heskett <> writes:

Gene> On Monday 09 April 2007, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Now the 64k$ question: While running with LVM2 managed disks, is it
>>> possible to run without dm_mod, the device-mapper? If so, please tell
>>> me how to achieve this.
>> No; device mapper is the kernel portion of LVM2.
>> Jeff, who actively avoids LVM on home computers

Gene> Ya shoulda warned me. :-)

Gene> It should have lots bigger warning labels, in bright red
Gene> self-illuminating signs, than it does. It in fact seems to work
Gene> well, but it is a major breakage for some common apps, like
Gene> doing backups...

From the GNU info doc on the tar program:

Metadata stored in snapshot files include device numbers, which,
obviously is supposed to be a non-volatile value. However, it turns
out that NFS devices have undependable values when an automounter gets
in the picture. This can lead to a great deal of spurious redumping in
incremental dumps, so it is somewhat useless to compare two NFS
devices numbers over time. The solution implemented currently is to
considers all NFS devices as being equal when it comes to comparing
directories; this is fairly gross, but there does not seem to be a
better way to go.

This to me, seems to be another borkage of the tar program. Can you
tell Amanda to use 'dump/restore' instead of tar instead? Or heck,
just move to Bacula, it's smarter than amanda/tar and it supports
writing to DVDs, etc.

This tar borkness is pretty annoying, since Amanda (from the docs
page) only keeps indexes in terms of host/filesystem/path/date,
nothing about the major/minor (device) numbers.

It just re-inforces my desire to never use Amanda again.

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