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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Perverting cciss

    --- Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

    > Also is there a reason you don't want to pass down the various
    > other ioctls scsi_cmd_ioctl can handle to it?

    Didn't think about it, SG_IO is the one people were
    clamoring for.

    easily doable.

    Hmm, cciss is a block driver, and doesn't
    really have an ID/LUN which are meaningful
    in the normal sense of this ioctl. If we
    report something for this one, it is going to
    conflict with some other device on the system
    if that info is used in the usual way. That is,
    disk devices on cciss do not have any bus/target/lun
    as far as linux is concerned, and aren't addressable
    using those.

    Same problem as SCSI_IOCTL_GET_IDLUN.

    Doable. I don't think timeout will be honored though,
    and I think this has to do with the sg driver, which
    isn't involved with cciss anyhow, as cciss is not
    a scsi driver (except for tape drives).

    I think this is an sg driver thing and won't make
    any difference for cciss, but we could pass it
    through, I guess.


    Er.... I guess we can do it:

    * will always return that we are ATAPI even for a real SCSI drive, I'm not
    * so sure this is worth doing anything about (why would you care??)
    static int sg_emulated_host(request_queue_t *q, int __user *p)
    return put_user(1, p);

    What's it for?


    I think all the CDROM stuff doesn't really apply. CD-ROMs
    on smartarray are not supported, nor are CD-ROMs presented
    even if you attach one (excepting some weird tape device
    that HP sells which sometimes pretends to be a CDROM for
    booting purposes.) (Why would you put a cdrom on a RAID
    controller?) I guess we could pass it through, it might not
    hurt, probably doesn't help though, and might give people
    the mistaken impression that they can connect a SCSI cd-rom
    to a smartarray.


    Doable, I think.

    It'll be tomorrow at best before I can try anything out
    or fix the other stuff you pointed out though.

    -- steve

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