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SubjectRe: If not readdir() then what?

On Apr 7 2007 16:36, Theodore Tso wrote:
>So how do we solve this problem? I can think of two solutions:
>1) Deprecate telldir/seekdir() altogether. Relatively few progams use
>this functionality, and it is highly questionable how useful it is,
>anyway. If you use telldir/seekdir and keep the cookie for a long
>time, even the POSIX-provided guarantees about files that are created
>and deleted between the telldir() and seekdir() points in time makes
>its utility highly dubious.
>2) If application programs must have telldir/seekdir, than expand the
>size of the cookie from 32-bits to a minimum of 128 bits, and
>preferably larger --- say 512 bits, to accomodate systems that might
>be using 512-bit variant of SHA-2. [...]

Maybe a combination of both? That is, replace telldir by an
independent emulation layer.

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