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    SubjectRe: coding style for long conditions (WAS: Re: [PATCH 25/90] ... blinky leds!!)

    On Apr 6 2007 15:40, David Brownell wrote:
    >> > if (...) {
    >> > }
    >> >
    >> >Come on, stop wasting everyone's time with utter nonsense.
    >> I was never debating these two things.
    >Actually, you did.

    If it was perceived I did, then I owe you an apology.

    >Go back and see the point I was specifically
    >disagreeing with. It related to the body of the "if" block,
    >which you had said would **NOT** indent by a single tab.

    Ok somewhere is a bug. What is the body an if block, for you? To avoid
    that confusion, I termed these "condition" and "code":

    if(condition1 || /* if() line */
    condition2) { /* continuation line */
    code; /* body */
    code; /* body */

    And I think I made that pretty clear in <>,
    which part is what, and how I like things.
    In <>, the loop begins then.
    Yes, it does not match "(a) only use tabs", but it matches the
    rest of kernel code.

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