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SubjectRe: coding style for long conditions
On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 14:38 -0700, Roland Dreier wrote:
> If you have a git tree handy, you can do "git show 68380b58" and see
> that Linus himself wrote:
> if (get_wq_data(work) == cwq
> && work_pending(work)
> && !list_empty(&work->entry)) {
> I have to admit that I would have put the &&s at the ends of the
> previous lines rather than where Linus put them, but... egads! Linus
> put spaces before the &&s to line them up nicely!

My favorite form uses only tabs and would make that look like:
get_wq_data(work) == cwq &&
work_pending(work) &&
) {

Putting the && at the front would be OK with me too, it does make them
more obvious and easier to find.

I don't find too many people who like my style but that's OK. I think
it makes everything a lot easier to read and everything lines up with
8-space tabs or 2 or 3 space tabs. Plus, reformatting other people's
code gives me a good chance to read it as I go. :-)
Zan Lynx <>
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