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SubjectRe: [patch] hrtimers debug patch

* Michal Piotrowski <> wrote:

> > thanks! I have stared at hrtimer.c a few more hours and the good
> > news is that i found a narrow SMP race. The bad news is that i dont
> > think it could explain your bug symptoms: the worst-case effect of
> > the race should be an incorrect timeout on the current CPU - not a
> > KTIME_MAX thing like your logs show.
> >
> > But maybe i didnt think through the effects of the bug well enough,
> > and your box has a HT CPU, with HT CPUs being pretty good at
> > triggering narrow SMP races - so maybe we are lucky? Fix attached
> > below. Patch is build and boot-tested.
> I didn't see this weird hang for 12 days. I think that this patch
> solves this issue.

cool :)

> Huge thans!

huge thanks to you for testing it!

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